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Bílek sparked burnout and is looking forward to a new job

Coach Michal Bílek admitted he was burned after the end of the football game. After three years, however, he has back his energy, so he decided to return to the Czech league and accepted the offer of Jihlava. He believed he was going to lift him up to the middle of the table.

“After the national team, I felt I was burned out. It took a long time and I did not feel like coming back, but now I feel full of energy “It’s been a long time for me to address Mr. Bokša, the sports manager Milan.” As the pause was quite long, I accepted the offer, “said Bílek at today’s press conference after being appointed to office.  “We have negotiated until the end of the season, we will see in the spring.But I do not hinder longer cooperation, “he added.

In Jihlava he will cooperate with former coach Michal Hippo, who moves into the role of assistant. ” When I was approached, my first thought it was for Michal to stay here. I know him for a long time, I played with him for a national team. I know his coaching career and it would be a pity if he finished the team. It’s not easy for him, but he’s been doing it greatly, “he commended his predecessor, Bílek.” I also wanted to have a team man who knows the team, and Michal perfectly meets it, “ he added.

He has to get acquainted with the team in more detail. “I trained only Jirka Krejci in Blšany. I know some boys because they have been in the league for a long time, but I will have to get to know them. The team at the center of the table here is.Of course, we can not do much to match with Jablonec, we have three training sessions. “

Jihlava has only two points in six rounds, but Bílek has already experienced a worse situation as a coach. ” When I arrived in Blšan, so it was worse, because there were two points after 12 rounds and finally we saved it. Here the situation is not so critical. I believe we can pick it up here. Maybe we can swing fast and get out of the downhill, that’s my closest goal, “said a coach of the age of 80.

Bílek sparked burnout and is looking forward to a new job
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