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Unibet bettingIn the market for more than 20 years, the Unibet website is recognized for its security and for the great reputation it has among its players. No complaints about non-payment or reports from users who feel cheated, Unibet is reliable and has been proving its fame over the years.

Today, the site has more than 2 million active bets on the site, which remains faithful for noting that Unibet is reliable and secure. And even with this large number of bettors, it is difficult to find dissatisfied customers or have had serious problems with the bookmaker.

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By investing annually in security on both the site and the mobile application, the site continues to please its users by offering an environment where there are no worries. So, answering the question of the title: yes, Unibet is reliable!

Yes, Unibet is reliable and safe, always worried about offering a worry-free experience for its users (we’ll talk more about it in the next few topics), but also what does the site offer? Well, we have some interesting benefits for anyone considering starting a bet (and some not-so-nice points). But before making your decision, read below our selection of positives and negatives:

– Possibility to participate in some games for free;
– More than one type of application for mobile;
– Page with complete statistics of various events;
– Site of easy understanding and good navigability.

Negative points:
– It does not have a communication channel in Portuguese, the online chat service is in English;
– Betting system is slow at times;
– Much of the site has no translation.

Site Layout

Betting on shades of green and gray, the site has a well laid out layout and quite intuitive, even for the younger users in this universe of betting. The design of the site is a little clearer than the others, even with ads with colorful photos.

The homepage already in well organized with only a top menu that takes you to Unibet sports betting or to other types of games. Only within the page of the type of bet chosen is that other menus appear, with information of the games, divided by their categories.

Betting Manager

Unibet has an interesting betting manager, which divides between individual, combination and system. If you are a novice player, you may encounter some difficulty in using it. However, over time it is very simple to use and helps a lot when making your bets.


If you already have experience with other sites, you may want to make the probability appear the way you want it to. At Unibet Poker, there is the possibility of showing the probability scheme in three different ways: fractional, decimal and American. Thus, the user has more comfort to play the way he is accustomed.

On the Unibet home page sports betting, the website has a menu in the right corner of the screen that shows the events recommended for the user that day. Generally, it is based on the taste of most gamblers. On the day I write this article, football matches of famous teams are being presented, already with their odds.

Live betting

To give more support in live events, the site offers its users previous statistical material on the confrontation. If it is a football game, for example, Unibet presents to the followers of a game, the most relevant information about the teams, the last clashes, position in the championship, among others.

But you still need to improve this item when the match is happening because the statistical data is not updated with the same quality. This can hurt the player in your analysis, and end up making an incorrect bet by not having all the information. More on: uni-pt.com

Unibet TV

While still talking about live betting features, Unibet enables users to watch sports events live, free of charge, on Unibet TV. The bettor does not have to pay to use, but had to have some money in his account or have bet in the last 24 hours.

Variety of games

For both Unibet sports betting and casino gambling, Unibet Poker stands out for the number of games it offers to its users. This includes sports betting, casino, poker and even bingo! By covering a huge range of sports, the user increases their chances of winning by expanding the variety of bets in different categories.

At Unibet, you can bet on your favorite football team, going through alternative championships, horse racing, to television shows like X-factor, celebrity relationship and even politics. Honestly, I have experience with betting sites, but I had never encountered such an event (as winner of The Barchelor Australia) anywhere else.

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